Busy week ahead? FOOD PREP

With the school back in session there are very few spare hours in the day, so I use my Saturdays to do food prep for the week ahead.

I don’t always get time to cook in the week so it is important to me that I try and make as much healthy tasty food possible that the hungry mouths can be fed.

I try and change it up every week so it doesn’t get boring and predictable, but it does take time set aside once a week to get it done. That is why I choose Saturdays, last day of the week here and then the food is fresh.

This week I opted for cottage pie for a make-ahead meal during the week. I also steamed some broccoli and froze it in portions. I have fish sticks and fancy sausage rolls planed for suppers with the always welcome spaghetti and meat sauce.

For lunches I got a great selection of fruit and veggies from the online veggie shop (3kg), their fruit and veggies really are great and very very well priced. I have even started buying my milk and eggs from them, they give a great variety and they always have low fat milk available.

I also got some cute recyclable baskets and bottles for the lunch boxes.

So we have great fruit and juice (I made my favourite juice again, watermelon juice). I added some citrus juice this week. The oranges and naartjies were so great I decided to juice them. They are sweet and slightly tangy. Just wonderful and very refreshing.

My previous batch of breakfast paninis have been consumed so I also took the time to make some more and got them stacked and ready in the freezer too.

I did notice that the pancakes in the freezer has ‘mysteriously’ disappeared so I will have to make some more of those soon.

The food week ahead is all sorted and ready, so let’s start this week with a skip in our step and a attitude to match.

Wishing you all a fabulous week. Keep safe and healthy!

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