Eating down Memory Lane

We all have memories of places we have visited, regularly and/or irregularly. Some of these places hold fond memories and some not so much. Overall, we tend to embrace the fond memories and rehash them ever so often, flooding our sense with the feelings that made those memories, well, memories. I, like you, have many... Continue Reading →


philosophical wondering by Sharon Dealing with a difficult situation is something that happens to everyone, it is part of life. I have found that, it is how to deal with a difficult situation, that is more difficult sometimes than dealing with the situation (or problem). I have taken great time and effort and finding information... Continue Reading →

A tribute to a fabulous school

Felixton College…25 years July 2018, we arrived in South Africa for Summer Holiday from Bahrain, set to enjoy time with family.  It is always exciting and a wonderful experience travelling and reconnecting with family and friends.  This summer holiday, however, was set to end a little bit different than we anticipated. As many things in... Continue Reading →

Something to say…

Yes, you guessed it we are back on lockdown here in Bahrain. Not a big surprise with the way the numbers have been going up over the last couple of weeks. I do however find some irony in the fact that those that are complaining the most about the lockdown, and act like the lockdown... Continue Reading →

Sticking to my people, my tribe

I often find myself wanting to scream out of sheer fustration because all to often we find we talk to people but what you are saying seems to change in mid air and then when it hit their ears/brain it is completely different to that which actually came out of your mouth. It is infuriating... Continue Reading →

Teaching some simple life skills

The spring holiday has been great fun for the children so far. They have had a great opportunity to hangout with there friends on a daily basis. They are a great group of friends and they work so well together. During the holidays I always try and do fun things but also a few things... Continue Reading →

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