Reverting back to being a 2 year old Just a few pictures of my sweet "little" cat. You see she has such a hard life...

School Beach Clean-Up

Volunteer work for Earth, always a good way to spend a Friday morning A beautiful sunrise enjoyed on a beach with the soft melody of the gentle lapping waters, a whisper of a breeze guiding the specks of birds towards the early morning fishing boats collecting their catch of the evening. The heat, not much... Continue Reading →

A very welcome staycation

There are many places that have opened up for people traveling from Bahrain. There are, however, a few things that need to be considered before just hop on an aeroplane and taking off. Some of these things are:- The passport you have, not everyone can travel freely and inexpensively to different countries.- The quarintine and... Continue Reading →

A tribute to a fabulous school

Felixton Collegeā€¦25 years July 2018, we arrived in South Africa for Summer Holiday from Bahrain, set to enjoy time with family.  It is always exciting and a wonderful experience travelling and reconnecting with family and friends.  This summer holiday, however, was set to end a little bit different than we anticipated. As many things in... Continue Reading →

Jr School Graduation

Yes, Olivia has Graduated. Come September 2021 she will be going to high school. How time flies. Because of the current situation there was no Junior Prom, so the mums in our compound decided to do a small ceremony for all the Year 6's to make it a little special.

Vaccination for the Youth

It was with great relief that we read the announcement of the Covid vaccination will be allowed for the youth aged between 12 and 17. That very same day I registered Daniel on the system. Unfortunately Olivia has to wait, but for now at least Daniel will be vaccinated. It took about 3 weeks for... Continue Reading →

The “bake off” (cont.)

COMPARE & CONTRASING FUN CONTINUES... My next cooking adventure took me down the road to a wonderful time in the winter. I must have been preteen age, no I think I was younger. I remember the fireplace in the living room and the smell of 'boontjie sop' and pancakes and orange syrup in the air.... Continue Reading →

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