The holiday is almost here, jippee…… not

This holiday has been overdue for a very, very long time. A true holiday, going home to Mom and Dad, to feel that familiar feeling of being taken care of, yes even as an adult. I am very blessed to have a growing relationship with my parents, we are more connected now than ever. Like... Continue Reading →

My favourite flowers in the world

They are simple, yet they are so beautiful. Like most things in life, it is the simple, uncomplicated things that has a lasting impression. How I love these flowers and what they remind me of... less is more, simple and honest.


Reverting back to being a 2 year old Just a few pictures of my sweet "little" cat. You see she has such a hard life...

School Beach Clean-Up

Volunteer work for Earth, always a good way to spend a Friday morning A beautiful sunrise enjoyed on a beach with the soft melody of the gentle lapping waters, a whisper of a breeze guiding the specks of birds towards the early morning fishing boats collecting their catch of the evening. The heat, not much... Continue Reading →

Courage is key….food for thought…

According to various research done, in the private and professional sector, individuals that are successful and content in their private and professional life all (or most) have a a growth mindset, embrace change, want to learn and grow, are accountable and have a balanced work and home life. They all show significant courage on a... Continue Reading →

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