Home sweet home (Part 3)

Having dealt with the drama of the rental house being broken into, we handed over the house to the owner. One less stress item to deal with at this point of the lockdown. I reiterate that I am very, very grateful that we were able to find a home to stay in, and that home... Continue Reading →

Ugh the cleaning…

As you might have gathered I love, love, love baking and making and cooking. (especially biscotti he he he) Oh and just like your everyday night and day or the well known Jing/Jang, there is the otherside of the fun and joy of the fabulous adventures. Yes there is, like everything in life there is... Continue Reading →

the ‘masked adventures’

EVERYONE is doing the Mask thing these days, so it is only natural that we all join and try our hand at making our own. Helping by keeping us all healthy and saving that small amount of money. I started this little masked episode, trying to find an easy, simple and quick design and method... Continue Reading →

New project in the works…

I love rustic, farm style signs. I had a whole bunch that I put up in felixton, but, I had to leave it behind (very sad face). My fabulous little family got me some new signs, yeah!!! The question that has been mulling in my head is where and how to hang them... It is... Continue Reading →

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