Busy week ahead? FOOD PREP

With the school back in session there are very few spare hours in the day, so I use my Saturdays to do food prep for the week ahead. I don't always get time to cook in the week so it is important to me that I try and make as much healthy tasty food possible... Continue Reading →

Eating down Memory Lane

We all have memories of places we have visited, regularly and/or irregularly. Some of these places hold fond memories and some not so much. Overall, we tend to embrace the fond memories and rehash them ever so often, flooding our sense with the feelings that made those memories, well, memories. I, like you, have many... Continue Reading →


philosophical wondering by Sharon Dealing with a difficult situation is something that happens to everyone, it is part of life. I have found that, it is how to deal with a difficult situation, that is more difficult sometimes than dealing with the situation (or problem). I have taken great time and effort and finding information... Continue Reading →

A very welcome staycation

There are many places that have opened up for people traveling from Bahrain. There are, however, a few things that need to be considered before just hop on an aeroplane and taking off. Some of these things are:- The passport you have, not everyone can travel freely and inexpensively to different countries.- The quarintine and... Continue Reading →

Cookie baking adventure

I found a cookie recipe a while ago, a Italian breakfast cookie recipe. It is a simple yet very tasty recipe, so simple infact that my daughter and her friend also made a batch. The recipe was just sitting on the counter stand, with some other recipes that I am still going try again, and... Continue Reading →

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