Simplicity is the peaceful life as a cat

Early morning and the house is quite. It is still dark outside except for the subtle change of colour on the horizon. The light slowly being dragged out of sleep by the melodic calls of the birds. It is a lovely time for thoughts and sleep. Well, sleep for some that is, because Abbi has woken up, and like a baby that needs feeding and changing, she too wants feeding and a walk through the garden.

Soft persistent taps to the face and a gentle meaw she wakes me. “I want my food”, I am almost convinced those are the words she is intending to share with me.

Still dazed from sleep I get up and, like when the children were babies, I move around, brain still very much asleep but the routine of what needs to be done is automatic. Once I have fed Abbi, I make my coffee and then find her patiently waiting at the front door (the window is open, but the front door is the routine now) ready to go outside.

We both go out, she will sit on the top step while I walk through the garden with my cup making sure there are no other cats about. When I come back she meaws softly to me, again almost as if to say, “OK lets go now”. It’s not a long walk, it’s a short walk through the few trees and on the grass. I go sit next to the house as she continues her exploration of the garden and find a place to do her business.

With the sky now brightening up with the per-sun sunlight, the birds are louder as they swish through the air.

Abbi then takes a run that turns into a stalk on a unsuspecting insect. Pounching on the grass in the general area of where the insect is then leaps up and takes a run to the tree, attacking it with ears flat and scratches to the trunk that I am sure she enjoys with a grin on her face. She then jumps away from the tree, as if having been shocked by it and proceeds to gallop and then comes to a sudden stop. Frozen, slowly moving down towards the grass, into a serious stalking pose, intently staring at something under the bushes, and then she collapses onto her belly rolling over a few times.

I stare at her quitely while she does her morning maneuvers and enjoy my coffee. I reflect and plan my day ahead. It is peaceful and watching her always brings a smile to my face, it feels tranquil and calm.

She walks over to me talking softly and then we go inside. She goes and finds her spot to sleep and I start my day.

I don’t have to do this routine in the mornings with her, and honestly I would enjoy the extra 20 minutes sleep that I can get, but it’s special. It is peaceful and it is something that we do. It’s not an every day routine, but most mornings this is the start of my day.

It is like with my children, I realised. It is these small routines that reinforce our bond. The quite times, the little “unnecessary” routines where we find our flow, our connection. Like the children, I talk back to Abbi when she talks to me, and like the children she answers back. Happy and softly.

It’s moments like these that I love, uninterrupted, peaceful, honest and pure. Talking or sometimes not talking, just being together comfortable in the silent simple tranquility of each others company. I find that these are the moments the real conversations happen, open and free conversations.

I love these moments and I cherish them, I never complain about them because they fill me with stillness and happiness, something that drives away the negative and builds on the understanding and love that my hearts overflows with for them ( my children and Abbi).

Over this last week I realised that there have been many moments like these that I have shared with special people in my life. They are the people that are my friends, my family, my pillars. Like the children and Abbi, these are the people that you don’t always need to talk too when you are together. Being together, whether talking or just sitting and enjoying the company, it is comfortable and peaceful and moments that get etched in your mind and memory, reinforcing the bond that you have.

I love the early morning Abbi routine, I love these moments.

Keep well and safe all.

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