Over the Half-term break we decided to have an early morning adventure. We got up way before the sun got up, collected some friends, got Starbucks and proceeded to go to the beach to enjoy the beautiful sunrise you get here on the island. It was spectacular and everyone stood in awe. We then got back into the car and drove off to a new island that has been reclaimed and developed. We were surprised to find a community park with a hill filled with flowers. Not the type of thing you see everyday on our desert island. It was fun to drive around though.

I got a special treat this month too, I had the great privilege to be taken out by Daniel. We decided to “Be Fancy Like Applebee’s”. It has just opened up in Bahrain. It was a great evening and we spend almost 2 hours talking, eating and completely forgetting to take decent photo’s. Zane took Olivia to the movies and a quick meal before the movies. The night before he took Daniel out to the movies too. Now it is just me and Olivia that need to plan our date. Great one-on-one time spent with the children and we will be doing it as often as possible for sure.

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