School Beach Clean-Up

Volunteer work for Earth, always a good way to spend a Friday morning

A beautiful sunrise enjoyed on a beach with the soft melody of the gentle lapping waters, a whisper of a breeze guiding the specks of birds towards the early morning fishing boats collecting their catch of the evening. The heat, not much of a problem this early in the morning, giving you the opportunity to really enjoy the serenity that picturesque Bahrain has to offer…

…you step out of your car and hear the crunch of a plastic bottle under foot. Walking closer to the line that the ocean drew a couple of hours ago, you see that it is not a waterline, but a line of litter, scattered between plastic and papers. It is sad that the tranquil atmosphere, the natural beauty of mother nature’s gifted painting gets tarnished by creatures that have the brain capacity to know better.

And so, it is up to the few that do understand and appreciate mother natures daily struggles, to help her survive the onslaught of the selfish. The volunteers that get up early, before the heat sets in, making some difference on the beaches surrounding this island we call home.

We are all very happy and very willing to continue to help for mother nature fight the good fight and make a difference one clean-up at a time, because every little bit helps.

Thank you The British School of Bahrain for bringing this initiative to life!

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