Courage is key….food for thought…

According to various research done, in the private and professional sector, individuals that are successful and content in their private and professional life all (or most) have a a growth mindset, embrace change, want to learn and grow, are accountable and have a balanced work and home life. They all show significant courage on a greater and smaller scale in their everyday life.

Imagine this just for a moment:

You are standing at the docks, staring at this huge ship that is bobbing in water. Your heart pounding…

Growing up has been physically challenging because of your under average health, your brain, however, is what keeps you going and keeps you growing.

Now is the time for change, big change. It will require physical challenges as well as mental strength to make this trip.

A trip into the unknown, thousands of miles from everything and everyone you have ever known.

You will board this ship and sail, essentially into the dark unknown, unsure future to a country that you only know through books that you have read.

You will have weeks of ocean travel, unsure how the seas will accept you as travellers on its broad expanse, her acceptance or rejection. You will then, if the sea allows, have to step on to a land that you do not know. You will have to send word of your safe arrival to your loved one’s that you left behind. Make a living with the opportunity that was offered to you in this new and foreign land.

It will be months before you will be able to post any letters and months more before you will get word back from the country of your birth, your family and friends, your entire life up until know.’

Imagine taking this journey, no phone, no internet or aeroplanes. No instant messages or any kind, not having any of the communication or transport luxuries that we know in our everyday.

Would you have the courage to do that? Going into the unknow, away from everything and everyone you know, for what might or might not be a better life? Because it is an opportunity.

This story, this image have been mulling in my mind for sometime now. Frightful and scary but this is something that many a people did.

We live in a time where we are looking for heroes, people we can learn from and live our lives like. Yet, we don’t look at the people that we knew, the people that face(d) challenges and show(ed) courage everyday.

Courage in doing the small things everyday. Courage to have integrity in a time where people don’t seem to know what it means. Courage to focus on what is right rather than focus on being accepted by the world.

Courage to learn from the people that came before us and learn from their mistakes to not make those mistakes again. Courage to keep growing as a person and learn new ways of being the best version of yourself.

Courage to take all the opportunities that present themselves

I doubt very much that many people will have the courage that it took to get on that boat, facing an unknown world, an unknow future leaving everything behind to make a better life. Have the courage to take an opportunity.

It is in this that I find my courage, strength and inspiration everyday. Knowing that I come from a linage that could get onto that boat and face the dark unknown. Making a big success of the opportunity that this frightful challenge and change offered. Knowing that I come from linage that have not just one but two such remarkable people that took the challenge and showed remarkable courage by taking the opportunities to make a better life.

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