Eating down Memory Lane

We all have memories of places we have visited, regularly and/or irregularly. Some of these places hold fond memories and some not so much. Overall, we tend to embrace the fond memories and rehash them ever so often, flooding our sense with the feelings that made those memories, well, memories.

I, like you, have many memories of places like these, I in fact went to such a place recently.

On our way back from ballet practice one afternoon, the children and I decided to stop off for lunch, so we made our way to a wonderful little place called Cappuccino’s.

A place my best friend and I use to frequent for almost eight years regularly. We would quickly meet up before school pickup and a catchup session. It was never a set arrangement, we just sort of picked up the phone and would say “hey, Cuppuccino’s?”, that was all it took. We had the same food, same drinks, same table inside and outside and it was always a quick visit. We would on the odd occasion over holiday time take the children with too, that exercise however use to take much longer than our quick spur-of-the-moment visits, but it was always a success.

So, with these memories clear on the surface of my mental and emotional view, we entered the establishment.

“Nothing has changed”, that was the first though that came to me. This brought a smile to my face as we were greeted by one of the waiting staff. I walked further into the restaurant being enveloped by the cosy earthy brown color scheme, that somehow makes you feel comfortable. The tranquil darkness engulfing you as you find your seat.

My heart made a quick, painful thud as I walked through and saw ‘our’ table empty. I realized as I walked closer that somewhere in my subconscious mind, I was expecting to see you there. With this twinge of sadness, we took our seats and without much fuss ordered, yes, the usual.

As we waited for our drinks to arrive, I again looked around, this time more closely at the environment.

The Restaurant is very much a family style restaurant. You can’t immediately identify the theme (well other than the name), it is only when you looking around that you get a strong Italian feel mixed with influences of other themes, a bit vaguer but they are there. The elegance of this family restaurant is a bit more formal, and yet it is welcoming and comfortable. The décor is dark and earthy but serene with splashes of kitschness here and there, breaking the darker tones with bright yet tasteful colors and objects.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is one of calm, tranquility, and warmth. Music playing subtly in the background adding melody to the grinding of the big Italian coffee machine as it bellows out with steaming delight, creating anticipation and expectation of a great coffee to be enjoyed soon. It does not disappoint, the Latte’s arrived and it was as wonderful as I remembered it to be. Creamy and brought at a temperature for immediate enjoyment.

Not long after that the food arrived. Oh the food. There are many a wonderful dish on the menu yes, but I only have one dish, the Spaghetti Bolognese.

I would like to start off by quoting a phrase from a TV series (Gilmore Girls)
‘Delicious, delectable, divine does not begin to describe the…” explosion of flavor this dish brings to your mouth. It is almost magical in the way that you find yourself eating to the point of complete fullness, yet you are incapable of resisting the urge to put another mouthful in your mouth. It is, in my and my daughter’s opinion, simply the best Spaghetti Bolognese on the island.

The other food on the menu is enticing, the Home-made Beef Burger that my son ordered did, as he described it, sent his tastebuds on a rollercoaster ride of tastiness. ( Ha ha ha, got to love them) He cleared the plate and was even in a better mood after having this amazing burger.

It was, as it always has been, a great treat to enjoy a meal at this very memory filled restaurant. We will definitely be returning soon, and I can see us making it a regular/irregular habit again.

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