Cookie baking adventure

I found a cookie recipe a while ago, a Italian breakfast cookie recipe.

It is a simple yet very tasty recipe, so simple infact that my daughter and her friend also made a batch.

The recipe was just sitting on the counter stand, with some other recipes that I am still going try again, and maybe change a bit here and there. I looked at it this weekend and decided to give it ago again.

I changed the flour of the recipe from normal cake flour. The one batch I made with whole wheat flour and the other batch I made with rice flour and added some orange zest. There was a bit of a texture change and some consistance change but overall the feel of the cookie dough was fine. I baked them and once done proceeded to share the results.

Well, we were all very much surprised. Both batches came out great. My personal favourite is the rice flour batch, I liked it so much intact, that I proceeded to eat most of them in one day. Oh my word they are light and airy and just delicious!

The next day I decided to make more, this time I also replaced the normal sugar for a healthier sugar. The difference is only that now they taste more like marmalade that my granny use to make, they have a bit more bitter quality than the previous batch, but still absolutely delicious if you ask me.

See, that’s what I love about the baking that I do, I sometimes just come across a combination that blows my mind. I have at least learned over the years to write down everything I change so I can repeat the process.

I encourage you to go out find a fun recipe and pit your own spin on it, you never know what delicious treat you might come across.

Keep well and safe all.

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