Sticking to my people, my tribe

I often find myself wanting to scream out of sheer fustration because all to often we find we talk to people but what you are saying seems to change in mid air and then when it hit their ears/brain it is completely different to that which actually came out of your mouth. It is infuriating at the best of times, and it tends to happen often especially when you have a teenager in your house.

I read lots of inspiring and guidance orientated information regarding dealing with people and their different personalities. I have still so much to learn and I know that the biggest key is being able to deal with people in their own individual way, that is in the ideal world. We are all human and though we can get that right most of the time, especially outside you own home, it is just as important to pay the same, if not more attention at those people in your home, your family, your people. We often think that we don’t have to go to the trouble because they will understand, you see them everyday and I will fix it tomorrow, I will be better tomorrow, I will try tomorrow. The sad thing is these are the people that should get your best, these are the lives that you directly influence as theirs influence yours. I find that it is very much the case of being so use to what you have that you forget what it is really worth, until it is gone, then we live with regret.

I think that is why I try so hard, and honestly why I prefer hanging out at home with my people, because my people will be having their own life soon and then your time as a parent is very very limited. I also find that my people-friends are the same as me. We don’t constantly talk every single day, sharing every moment, we stay connected and our security in our friendship tends to confirm that we always are friends, and when we do talk or see each other oh my word, it is like no time has passed at all.

I love my friends and I love talking to them and I love that they are home to me, no pretence and no masks, we are real and honest. I don’t have many friends but those that I do have are my people and there is no inbetween, it is certainty and security. It is great to have people that you can call your people, your tribe. You need half a word for understanding, and regardless of time that passes, as you get older your basic foundation of friendship shines through. That is also one of the things I try and teach my children, find your people, people that have the same basic foundation and principles as you, they are the people that will make you feel home. It is so very very important to have a tribe of your own, as it is to be by yourself and not feel alone, so too is it important to have people that you don’t have to see everyday or talk to everyday, but people that are you friends, your tribe. People that grow with you as you get older, change and develope with you, each in their own way but people that standby you and you standby them.

My tribe consist of the most amazingly diverse people, but each one of them are important in my life, from my parents right through to my same minded friends and my children, they are all important. My tribe is not huge, but it is a great tribe to belong too, great to be part of their lives.

How do you see your tribe, your people. Everyone has a tribe, a people. Make sure to let them know that you value them, and you spend your time and effort more on them than those that, in the greater scheme of things are only passers by in your life.

The whole point of this is that your people, your tribe might not always get along with you, but they always understand and most of the time you do speak the same language (yes even the teenager comes around). So when frustration rears its head, just remember your people understand you and the passers by are not worth loosing your cool over.

Keep safe and well all.

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