Oh my word what a morning…

So there I was finding myself, again, in the emotional mayhem and chaos of getting my vaccination done, the 2nd dose.

I am happy to have the opportunity to have it done, and done rather quickly and efficiently, but oh the nerves and fear of that needle still gets to me. Yes, again I want my Mommy and Daddy.  I want that safe arm around my shoulder holding me and a calm voice telling me it is alright and that I don’t have to be scared because they are here to be my strength and my comfort, just like a little child.

Oh how silly it is, I know right, I am a grown woman, but hey I know everyone misses their parents every now and then when things get tough, you might not admit it out load, but it is there, wishing for that childhood security and simplicity.

I had to go to a different place today, it was Ahmed Ali Kanoo Health Center, a health center somewhere in one of the small suburbs, close to Isa Town in Bahrain.  I did a recon drive with my son to the health center a couple of days ago just to make sure I knew where it was, and so I would not get lost on my way there.  I am glad to say that it was easy finding the health center.

The preparation for the day was all done.  I had made some meals that could be heated for supper and lunches.  Prepped some snacks and got as much done as I possibly could, in case I got ill like I did before.

So with everything in place I made my way to the health Centre well ahead of my scheduled appointment time.  I got there quickly, with almost no traffic on the way, which was a great relief.  Things were all going well which really helped nerves.

It is a huge health center, it looks to me more like a hospital than a health centre, but here too, the staff were all so very friendly and kind, from the security guard at the entrance, the administrator at the helpdesk to the nurse that did the injection. Friendly, kind and efficient.

I have huge respect for these people, being friendly and kind when you can just imagine the volumes of people that pass through daily, and not everyone with a friendly voice or understanding.

I got my vaccination done and was out within about 25 to 30 minutes, maybe even less, I was not keeping track of time.  I walked out with a smile and grateful that I could now go home and have a calm day, having cleared a few things from this mornings to-do list already.

Oh, but my relief was brief, as I was driving away, feeling my emotions coming down from the high that it was on, dealing with the needle issue.  Starting to feel happy and calm, the car starts doing some funny stammering type thing…

Now before I go further, let me just share that we had sold my Jeep only a couple of days ago, and I am currently driving a very zippy little car.  It is the same car I use to have many years ago, this one is just automatic and obviously a newer model.  I like it.  The problem though is that because it is still so new driving this car, I have not quite gotten use to the simplicity of the car as yet.  The Jeep had all sorts of cool funky functions that makes a person lazy at observing things in the car.

Now let me continue.  I was driving away calming down nicely, when this little thing starts stuttering and stammering and doing all sorts of things, suddenly there was no more power, it just stopped, yes stopped, on a very busy main road in a industrial/business type area.  Oh my word, I was horrified.  I try the key again, but nothing, as in no power at all.  I check and saw the electronics were all working, and that is when I saw it, the fuel gauge.

I could feel my tummy falling straight onto the tar road as a frustrated shocked scream came out. No fuel.  How did I miss this, how did I not notice, oh wait, this car doesn’t have a sound or a screen telling you it is almost time to fill up.  My attention was so focused on getting this mornings vaccination ordeal over I had not thought of checking, I was not use to checking something like this any more.  With my head on the steering wheel, hazard lights on, car standing on the side of a buzzing road I reach for my phone, grumbling and growning at my own stupidity.

While gripping my phone I first did my mental emergency stop to try and stop the panic I could feel creeping up inside me.  After that I search the phone for the closest fuel station, which turned out to be 5 min drive from where I was.  I started shaking a bit when I realised I would have to get out of the car and walk next to this deadly road for  a few hundred meters before getting over the edge to a saver walking path.  The fear of being run over by someone preoccupied with their phone stared me in the face.  Not something I was very keen on doing, these roads and these drivers are just insane, so what next.

I decided to call my hubby to come help me.  He is working, yes, but he is at home, maybe he can come to my rescue in between his telecon meetings.  My luck was out there too unfortunately, as he was not answering his phone, clearly on a telecon.  So I called my son wanting him to just go check and maybe interrupt quickly to see if dad can help.  No answer, which sent my humor straight out the window, because this is why he has a phone people, so mommy can get a hold of him (no not his friends, his mommy, grumble, grumble).  Growling at this, I again did a quick mental emergency stop to ground myself and the onslaught of chaotic feelings I was feeling at that moment.

I looked up and there in my review mirror I saw this massive (and from the small car perspective, it looked HUGE) black SUV with tinted windows driving straight at me.  My heart immediately jumps from an already up beat rhythm to a ACDC inspired heaving roaring thudding.  Not sure if the car was going to stop or just drive over this little pin head in front of it, I grabbed my mask and quickly whipped open the car door, hoping to make myself and the car big enough for them to see and maybe get the car to stop.

The car did stop, though I doubt it was because of me getting out.  Two men got out of the car, an older gentleman and a younger one.  My panic all of a sudden surged again.  They came over and asked me what was the matter.  I explained that I had run out of fuel, and that I was trying to get a hold of my husband, at this point I was chattering away like a squirel on a sugar rush.  The older gentleman came closer, yet kept a safe distance (I have to smile at that gesture now, as Covid has made everyone careful), and calmly started talking to me, only then did I realise I had tears running down my face, I must have looked like a completely lost and useless soul.  He was very nice, assuring me that they will help and that I must not worry.  The next minute another massive SUV stops, a white one, the window opened up and the older gentleman spoke to the hulk like person through the window.  The hulk smiles at me very kindly and then drove off.  Through all of this I frantically keep trying to get a hold of my husband or my son, just for some familliar connection and to tell them what was happening.  Trying to focus and notice everything that was going on around me, trying to stop myself from seeming like this helpless character out of a rediculous story, trying to get my cool calm self back, it felt like such a blur.

I don’t know how long we were there next to the road, but these two strangers keeped me company and made sure that the flocks of cars that passed by did so without taking any of us out. The other SUV appeared again, seemingly out of thin air. The hulk got out the car with a cannister, he opened the fuel cap and filled the car. He motioned for me to get back in the car and start it, which I did. Once the car was running I got out to thank them and offered to pay for the fuel, they all waved it off and said I should just get home. I thanked them and then watched as they drove off.

It all happened so fast and it felt like I was in such a strange foggy mental and emotional state that I did not even get the names of these gentlemen. They were, in a world filled with many scary people, like knights from the round table. They came, they helped, they left. Not asking for anything, not prying, not doing anything that made me feel unsafe or unsure. Helping without wanting or needing recognition, praise or award, like true heros, modern day knights. Sitting now thinking about it, I realised the elderly gentlemen kept me talking about all sorts of things, but nothing personal, it was all casual light and calming conversation.

I got home, still a bit shaken from the strange events. My husband was on a telephone conference still, and was unaware that I had tried to call. My son had left his phone home, as they were busy with the easter egg hunt in the compound. I did blahed him for not having his phone with him, as he should have when I was not home or around, but everything settled eventually and I could start to reflect on what had happened.

In a world that forces us to be aware of so much, mostly negative things, and that forces us to make sure we have plans and backup plans, it is nice to know that there are still people out there that are good hearted and have common desency, something that I try and teach the children, and believe in, something I believe that is sorely missing these days especially in the younger generation.

I hope that I can return the good deed for someone one day, and I hope that my children will also always try and help others, not because they would get recognition or because they are told too, but because it is the right thing to do.

I can’t help but think of something that I heard once in a moving, (I think, or it could have been a tv programme?) We are all capable of being a super hero to someone. So when we get the opportunity to do the right thing or help without receiving recognition, we should not hesitate, though it might not always be the easiest thing to do, it is always worthwhile doing the right thing.

I am grateful and very thankful to the people that helped me, and I am grateful that they were able to be my everyday heros, giving me faith that there are still good people in the world.

I am now going to settle down for the day and just enjoy the calm of home.

Keep safe and healthy all.

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