Feel like going on holiday

It has been a while since we have been on a proper holiday. When I say proper I mean taking a taxi to the airport to go somewhere exciting and new and different. It is understandable, because of the Pandemic everyones movements are much more restricted.

We had a lovely local break in December last year, having gone to a very beautiful and relaxing hotel.

But there is something to be said for that feeling of having a taxi pick you up at home with your luggage. It is different, exciting, fancy.

I found myself grinning to myself this morning as I sat in a taxi, no I am not on my way to the airport, I am on my way into town to collect my car. But sitting in the taxi looking out at the traffic around me, it gives you the time to reflect and appreciate that feeling. A small break from the everyday routine. Something different.

I do however look forward to the day when we can use a taxi to go to the airport again for a family holiday, but in the meantime I will enjoy this small break and draw strength from its change to my everyday.

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