Creative baking for little angels

When we first arrived in Felixton Village there was so much to do, and so much that I wanted to do. It is a great village and you can not help but want to be a part of something.

As I was unpacking our boxes , there were many, many things that we just could not keep. The house was just too small for what we had. I contacted the orphanage at the church and was very happy to find that I could pass on all the items that we did not need. It is always better to share rather than just bin.

This all led me to somehow, I can not recall exactly how, start talking to the lovely lady that works there, Lorissa. I wanted to help so much, but I am not a great people person, so I asked if I could maybe bake cakes for the little ones. This started a journey that I so enjoyed, and I must confess that I loved the feeling of seeing those precious faces light up more than the joy I felt making those cakes.

Each birthday cake was a wonderful challenge. I loved having to do research and try new things. Getting ideas and approval from my own children also made it so much more involved for all of us. Children are honest and they are joyful. They find joy and happiness in things that we have long forgotten. I loved baking for them, the pure joy and delight on the faces was more payment than I have every gotten.

There is just something very special being able to do something, rather than just give money. Make no mistake, money is always a welcome option, especially with children of various ages, there needs are many and constant.

I have missed, and will definately always miss baking for them, as it is a great highlight in my memories of living in the village.

I want to encourage everyone to help, any way they can, big or small.

Help is always welcome. Please show your support in in way you can. Feel free to contact Loressa at or +27 35 791 1116.

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