Fun Movie nights, oh the fun we have

With time for hanging out with the children for fun being limited these days, it is always nice to get some extra time with the children.

We have not had a proper Movie Night in a while, so when my son said that he had to watch a movie for background information about a book that they are reading in english, I thought it is a great reason to have a movie night again. Granted the movie was a bit on the long side, but we had other movies to watch too, which we did, with some movie night snacks and drinks.

We sneaked a Starbucks delivery in with the normal movie night meal. It was awesome.

Always fun times to watch and comment on movies with my ‘pack’. As they get older it becomes more interesting and a little bit scary because they are now making up their own minds and have their own tastes. I encourage it though, it is not always easy to accept the difference of opinion, but ultimately I want them to learn to stick to their guns and not waiver in what they believe.

I am often reminded of a picture I once saw, it read: “My child I want you to be strong, independent, stand firm for what you believe in, speak up when you need to, …except when it comes to your mother” ( Haa haa haa, I think it is very fun)

Keep safe all, and remember when you have a chance to hang with your children, grab it with both hands and have fun.

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