Support through shopping

It has been quite a busy weekend for us. We had a few things to do and a few places to be.

One of them being a Garden Sale held by Rescat. A non profit organisation helping stray cats in Bahrain.

The loot that was bought was great, the people we met ware friendly and awesome, the purpose of the event was a heartwarming one, the seperation of funds was easy to do because of it.

The purchased items have already been distrabuted and used. Books are in the bookcases, waiting to be read. The glassware have been allocated their working areas. The small glass containers already have my growing aqua veggies in them and my bueatiful blue vase/bowl have found a place in my kitchen, on the counter where I can marvel at its beuatiful colour every time I am in the kitchen, or just walking through it.

I want to encourage everyone to attend events like these, they are great fun. You meet new people and you get to support a wonderful cause.

This time of year there are usually a few events for the support of various causes, so step out and go and support them, you might end up with just the right

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