Home sweet home (Part 3)

Having dealt with the drama of the rental house being broken into, we handed over the house to the owner. One less stress item to deal with at this point of the lockdown.

I reiterate that I am very, very grateful that we were able to find a home to stay in, and that home was with my sister and her family.

So for the next 3 months (yes, 3 months) we were hauled up with my sister and her family. It was a blessing to be with family. We had some fun keeping busy and active all around.

We did some gardening

We all pitched in and did our best to make it as manageable as possible for everyone.

We even had a Fancy Nancy Dress-up Tea arranged by the two little Madams:

Later into the lockdown my brother-in-law was able to take himself and my son fishing. Which they both thoroughly enjoyed.

We did some rock painting and my daughter helped me with some mask making too.

Life slowly started getting into a routine, especially with the children’s new school schedule.

We were fortunate enough to have the children to their entire last term of school virtually. The teachers and admin staff all were absolutely wonderful and helpful.

The animals had some additional play and cuddle companions as well during these cold months.

So after a very interesting couple of months we got a gap to fly to Bahrain and join Daddy at home. It had taken some major information searching, being sent into loop after loop of web searches, emails and phone calls, but eventually I got in contact with a wonderful woman from a travel agent that got us tickets on an Emirates flight to Bahrain via Dubai.

And to bless things even more our 2 stop over trip would take place on my son’s 14th Birthday.

Keep reading and keep safe all

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