Trying some interesting Pasta Pie

I have been looking at this recipe for a while, studying it, trying to see where the catch lies, because seriously it looks to easy and it is a boggle to the mind.

The first recipe that I saw was a plain meatless dish. Which is great, but my husband is an all out meat eater and he does not do meals that do not have meat, especially pasta dishes. If it is pasta, it should have meat and lots of it, in his opinion.

So I did some more research and found various recipes that have meat variations.

I eventually found a recipe that fit my evening supper time frame and decided to take the challenge and try this Rigatoni Pie.

Well it is indeed very simple, you do however need to do some prep work before it starts going quick and easy. Nonetheless, the outcome was great and everyone in this family really enjoyed it. The only complaint was that my hubby wanted more meat in the dish. I will follow up this with a try at making this dish more meaty for him next time.

All you need is the nice big Rigatoni Pasta, meat sauce and cream cheese.

I use cream cheese because personally I do not like béchamel sauce, to me it lacks that cheesy flavor that I like when it comes to my pasta dishes. I add sometimes add additional flavor to the white sauce (cream cheese) with crush garlic and grated Parmesan cheese.

Meat sauce in the making. I have personalised this too with some home made spice mix to suite my family
Rigatoni Pasta after precooking. I allow it to get cool so that it is easier to handle
The final product after taking it out of the cake pan
You can let it grill uncovered for a little bit if you like, but our family likes the more lighter cheese

It really was a great variation on the normal pasta with meat sauce and very close to a lasagna. I found it almost lighter than lasagna. Both my children cleared their plates very quickly and loved it. My husband also loved it, though he requested some more meat with it next time.

I will play around with this great recipe and let you all know how I ‘meated’ it up, and the feedback from my hungry family.

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