Home Sweet Home (Part 2)

So everything is ready for the big move back to Bahrain. Our tickets have been confirmed for 30 March 2020. Excitement and sadness, as we get ready to leave family and some amazing friends behind.

It was a very sad ‘see you later’ indeed

The week started with the normal chaos of the last week of school and a bit of added extra emotions as we are heading out at the end of the week to join Daddy in Bahrain. There have been some additional news and cautionary warnings everywhere about the pandemic, but so far all seems to be alright in South Africa. Monday afternoon however the news is out that South Africa will be going into Lockdown on Thursday, for 3 weeks…

… and so the chaos and ‘new normal’ starts.

None of us could have ever dreamed up the events that would unfold, almost like a Stephen Spielberg / Quinten Tarentino type movie.

There was no real panic as yet, we got confirmation that our flights from South Africa to Bahrain as been ‘postponed’ and that we will be able to use the tickets within the next year. We were able to move to my Sister and her family in the close by town till more clarity is available. So far everything seems a bit surreal, but not too bad and manageable.

Lockdown started on Thursday with all precautions taken as best we can with the short couple of days notice. Me and the children took up temporary residence at my Sister and brother-in-laws house. For the next couple of weeks we have school holiday, so we are all chilled. We all took turns making food, help around the house as best we can and just take things as they unfold.

Trying to keep thing as normal as possible and trying to make sure that the soon to be 14 year old very athletic energetic boy stays fit and busy, we take up the 21 Day fitness challenge that my training class started virtually. It is fun and challenging and very different trying to keep up with a person more than half my age. Honestly it is disturbing, I have been doing this training for a couple of months now, I have been working hard. You need to know that I am not the athletic type, I do not enjoy doing training of any kind. My idea of training is sitting with a good book and great coffee or baking up a storm in the kitchen. Now I am training with a teenager that seems to be tackling each exercise like it is nothing. It is great, make no mistake, I love the fact that my son enjoys training, but here is where the problem lies… I have been doing these classes for a couple of months and I have come a long way from where I started. I imagined that having my son train with me he would look at his mother and go, ‘oh waow mommy, you are really fit, I am battling to keep up’. Instead I had the battery powered bunny bulldozing his way through the training and making me look and feel like a beginner. My brain was telling me that it is normal and he is young, so he has way more energy and ability than me, but my ego seemed to be taking a beating, and it is my ego that was pushing me to keep up with this never-ending source of energy. What a mistake, oh my word, my bones and muscles were in constant pain and I was pretty much walking around like I have a dirty nappy on, as all my muscles were stiff, and walking seems to be additional movement that this aging body was finding very difficult to cope with.

We had some great company with our training though, the dogs enjoyed the activity as much as we all did.

With our health needs covered we continued on our everyday, coping with the situation at hand.

Having had to leave the rental house in the village so suddenly we were unable to do a proper hand over to the owner. I had left the alarm system activated as we had a few items that were still in the house that were to be collected as soon as we were able to move around again.

We installed the alam system quite ealy on when we moved into the rental house as we had an unwanted visitor and it was very frightning. After that we had 2 more insidents but again, between the security system and our dogs it was only the garden that was entered, luckely not our house. This however changed the first weekend into lockdown. The early hours of Satuday morning my telephone rang and the alarm app kept buzzing. There was an intruder in the rental house. I quickly contacted the neighbourhood watch men and the owner of the house and confirmed with the security company to send someone to have a look.

Oh boy, what a shock, this time the person got into the house and broke a window trying to get out as security started arriving to see what was going on.

Having only left a few things that needed to be collected luckily there was not much they could take.

What a start to the lock down…

Keep a lookout for the next post

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